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Twitter real time

Are you interested in:

» More Cost Effective ways to do business?
» More Efficient ways to sell or replace your current inventory?
» Better ways to serve and/or grow your Customer base?
» Exploring the benefits of a High Impact Virtual Sale that can be executed with lower overhead, less stress, and without malls or landlord permits and disruption of the performing locations?

Then we may have the solutions you are looking for!

What we do:

At GJB Partners, LLC we provide solutions for

    * Business Continuity
    * Digital Asset Management
    * Online Marketing
    * Social Capital Strategies
    * and Social Media Marketing

In other words, we help you identify your target market, create a client base, keep in touch with your clients through a variety of tools and technologies and make sure your business is operating on a day to day basis at optimal performance!

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How it works:

We combine technology, experience and information to assist members of the Jewelry Industry by improving their business and profitability through a combination of Internet-based opportunities. These opportunities include our website, the power of internet talk radio with .fm branding through our station, a library of rich media content designed to function as both a center of knowledge for the consumer and a true resource for every aspect of the jewelry trade along with access to a wide variety of programs and services, including the Social Networking Service Twitter, which experienced a 900 percent increase in active users in the last year.

Your InterNET Worth

The key to Optimizing your InterNet Worth is realizing the money allocated to enhance and strengthen your online presence is not an expense, it’s an Investment! Today, having an online presence means more than just having a website, which is why we have developed the formula for Optimizing your InterNet Worth. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to develop Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategies tied to social networking platforms that integrate with your website. [Read More...]